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Saxon math 87 or Algebra 1/2

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My 7th grader will finish up 76 in a few weeks. I'm not sure if he should then go into 87 or Algebra 1/2. He has done very well with 76, mostly independent without any real struggles.


We have 87 already so I wonder if it is much different than Algebra 1/2 and if he will miss something going from 87 to Algebra. I don't mind at all purchasing Algebra 1/2 if it is better than 87.


Can anyone compare the two for me?


Thank you so much!

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I'm wondering the same thing as my 6th grader is moving in that direction. My oldest did 1/2 quite successfully, but it was a winding path from Saxon, to TT, and back to Saxon. A friend of mine locally described 87 as "a slow stroll through the meadow pausing to look at the flowers" and 1/2 as "a quick paced walk on the path". I think what she meant by that was 87 has lots of review and gives a dc time to mature. 1/2 moves at at good steady pace which is perfect if you don't need review or time to mature.

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It's been explained to me much like HollyDay describes...8/7 for those who need the review, and Alg.1/2 for those that breezed through 7/6. According to Art Reed, both will prepare you for Algebra 1. It sounds like your dc would do fine with Alg.1/2. I have one dc doing 8/7 now, and I am so glad we chose that route. However, my ds that is doing 7/6 now will probably do Alg. 1/2 next year. We have been using the teacher CD's with both books and it is going really well.

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The latest edition of 87 is pretty meaty. The old one is remedial. So don't consider the old one at all.


87 has skills practice, and 1/2 does not. If you think your child needs facts and computation speed practice, 87 is better.


1/2 is slightly more theoretical and just a bit harder than 87.


Both cover much the same ground.


I ended up going with 87 because DD was not mathy and I thought that this would give us the space to possibly do 1/2 before Algebra 1 if it seemed necessary. 87 was hard, but at the end of it she was very well-prepared for Algebra 1. Also, Saxon now recommends 87 as the default, with 1/2 the stop gap for a student who is not ready to tackle Algebra. So I went with their recommendation, and it worked out quite well.

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