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History spines for high school

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For American History, my daughter is going to use America: A Narrative History (Brief Seventh Edition) by Tindall and Shi. There are two volumes. She will do volume one for ninth grade and volume two for tenth. I also purchased the companion volumes titled, For the Record: A Documentary History of America. Not only are these texts extremely readable and enjoyable, they can be found used on Amazon for peanuts. I think I paid less than $20 (shipping included) for all four books.

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We used Spielvogel's Western Civ for 2 years, Ancients and Med/Ren. I did not find it very useful for 20th Cent World Hist--not "enough" for some reason. We did Sonlight 300 that year, with major, major tweaking, adding in a couple of books from this series by Martin Gilbert. It did not have a ton of analysis, just a very straightforward narrative to each year in the decade. Fairly easy to read--British, not American, perspective (kinda like watching BBC versus ABC News!).

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My daughter used a boatload of resources for a homemade 9th grade course in World History 1700 t0 2000. I'd be happy to provide you with a list if you're interested.


In 10th grade, my daughter used The American Pageant for an outside the home AP US History class. She enjoyed the text itself but it was a true tome (over 1000 pages). The teacher assigned The Jungle as summer reading before the class began. I believe that matching literature and history studies is an ideal combination.




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