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have you heard of Women to Women???

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a friend of mine is doing phone consultations and taking suggestions by these people:




Anyone have experience with this company?


I have had horrible PMS for 2 - 3 cycles now, unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Now this month my cycle is done and I'm still so impatient and snappy. I'll be 48 soon and I can NOT keep on with this attitude while I have kids in the house. I have been on an emotional ROLLER COASTER. This is SO unlike me. I'm just SOOOOOOOOOOOO out of whack. I'm hoping for some relief because I'm absolutely positive this is hormone related and want NATURAL solutions only. I'm hoping the above may be an answer.


If you have an opinion on WTW, please let me know! Or if you have gone through what I am experiencing due to perimenopause or the coming of menopause and found natural treatments that gave you relief, please let me know. Thanks!

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I have read some articles on their website. Seems to fall in line with what the naturopathic stance is on hormone related issues.

Since I see a naturopath anyway, I did not get into phone consultation with them. For those people who do not have a naturopath in their area, I think it's one way to get advice other than allopathic.

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