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Dyslexia, has anyone gone through the International Dyslexia Association's


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I called our closest branch and talked to someone there for a recommendation when we had our daughter evaluated a few years ago. We were quite happy with the outcome. They recommended a team, one was the director of psychology at the local children's hospital and she did all the psychological testing and then other lady did the educational testing. Then they compared their findings and collaborated on the diagnosis. The woman that did the educational testing is also an Orton-Gillingham trainer.


Before we decided to go this route, I called them and asked them several questions, including would they use the word dyslexia in their diagnosis, if in fact they found my daughter to be dyslexic. How did they feel about homeschooling? Would they make curriculum suggestions? Would they be available for follow-up in the event that I had questions? Etc.....


Overall I think we definitely got our $750 worth! I have in fact talked to the O-G trainer several times in the last couple years and she's been wonderful about answering my questions and supporting what I'm doing with her at home. I'm also a member of the IDA and have attended many of the conferences they've offered. They have been a blessing to us!


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. You probably should pm me though, because I'm awful about keeping up with the boards!

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