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Our update... our new system.


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We've been plodding along. We're not where we'd hope we'd be at this time of year, but all it means is a couple more weeks of school, providing the kids and I stay the course.


DD7 would love to play all day, but she is a trooper and will sit to work :) She still gets literally HOURS and HOURS of play. She is very much into imaginative play now, where a year ago it was nearly non existent.


DD13 has decided to return to school. She misses her friends. So in the fall she goes back.


DD11 is the one bucking the most, but she doesn't want to return to school, so I've had to take a real stern approach, and she's sucked it up, and really trucking through now.


Myself I've gone through various systems to try to keep on top of things.... and most have failed me..lol. I did invest in a comb binder punch, and started doing things in batches that way. DD7 thrives to complete a workbook. Even if it's a workbook and WWE copy work :) Just the act of completing it seems to make her stand taller.


So I have been binding our stuff up in manageable chunks. Mathmammoth is done up by chapter. Social studies by Unit. Health by Unit.


I've done this for dd13, and she likes it too. It also makes life so much easier for planning!


I created, for the remainder of this year, a planner. It is a weekly planner. I am working on one for each. I have plotted everything for the remainder. I know life happens(does it ever!) and it will likely not stay exact. But I check things off as they are completed. But they all have agendas that I write in daily. Stuff that doesn't get completed gets carried over. It works great for the older 2 to not goof off. Illness is one thing, I'd just push it all back and gradually catch it up, but not simply because they don't want to. This is how dd11 has fallen behind. Every night, I transfer their days work to their agendas. If I do more than that there is the.. oh that is a light day, so I can not do somethings today and just catch up then....


I have been getting some real whinyness from dd7, so I am dealing with it. She likes rewards. She'll earn it, for good attitude over a number of days. With each subsequent reward to earn, it is a longer and longer time between, eventually weaned off. It has worked for many other areas. So we'll try it hear too. There are little rewards, today it was a lollipop for getting it all done. Those are standard little things. A hot chocolate for a good unit assessment. etc.



This is a little scattered, I'm a little scattered, we're off to karate!

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So glad you found something that works. There are so many appealing systems out there, but if it's not a good fit for the way you think or your family's style, it's useless. Keep going with the system as long as it's helping and don't let yourself be tempted to try the latest and greatest :)

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