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10th and up science.

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I have 2 tracks I am considering for my son, and simply can't decide. He is doing Apologia Biology this year and finds the book so/so. Either:


10th BJU Physical Science with lab DVD

11th Abeka Chemistry with lab DVD

12th Abeka Physics with lab DVD



10th Apologia Chemistry

11th Apologia Advanced Chemistry

12th Apologia Physics


Which course of study would be more interesting yet doable for me guiding my son. I took all of these courses in high school so can be of some help, but I'm afraid of getting stuck. I really want something interesting, up to date and colorful and I like the lab DVDs from Abeka. Any great advice/comments? ;)

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I, personally, don't find Apologia interesting. It gets the job done, but I think it can be done in a more enjoyable fashion. I would opt for the first scenario esp. since you like the lab DVDs. I find that with high schoolers it is often hard to keep up with them and they are doing more independently. So having the DVDs might end up working really well for you.


I would caution you to check with any university your student is considering to see if Physical Science will count as a high school science. Some schools we came across want sciences above the level of physical science. You can always add in a science elective (astronomy, ecology, botany, etc.)

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