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I want to publish my romance novel.

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Does anyone have a book or resource that they could suggest? Also, is it imperative to have an agent?


If you want to self-publish, check out CreateSpace. I've used it for a number of books (helping a friend get her books published) and we've been very happy with it. They assign an ISBN and will make it available on Amazon. The only upfront costs are costs to get proofs of the book for yourself, to check and review.




Lulu.com is another option, but I think CreateSpace is better.

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How long is it (in what font and what spacing -or just straight wordcount)? What sub genre? How long have you been writing? Have you subbed it to agents at all? What about e-pubs (Samhain, Carina, Ellora's Cave)? What books on writing have you read? (You can PM me if you want.) Do you have a crit group? Do you belong to RWA?


Here's the thing. If you are brand spankin' new at this, you're going to have to be brilliant to get much $ out of your first book (or you will have been one of those people that wrote ALL DAY LONG at work so their voice was developed when it came time to write fiction). Most people get their 10th published. I'm not trying to dissuade you, all I'm saying is that if you slap it up there on Amazon (and I'm ALL for self pubbing on Amazon, natch) and say you have it free (which Amazon won't do, you'll have to ut it up on Smashwords first then the Amazon bots will pick the price up), and you start getting awful reviews-that's not a good start out of the gate.


If you've written five and read all of the big writing books then you won't be offended at this post. :tongue_smilie:If you want the names of some reputable agents, PM me.


My creds-I'm published, I live next to a published horror/historical romance author whose late husband was a Nebula Award winner and a published screenwriter lives two houses down.

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If you want to go the traditional publishing route, an agent helps a lot. But there are some publishers (notably, Harlequin - and all the info you need is on their website) who take queries directly from authors.


If you want to learn more about agents and the submission process, one of the best things you can do is read through the back entries on agent blogs like Chip MacGregor, Janet Reid, Rachelle Gardner, and Query Shark.


Not every entry on those blogs is going to apply to you, but they have tons of good information if you read the back entries. You might also look around the Romance Writers of America site or American Christian Fiction Writers (if you're a Christian author) and consider joining one or both of those organizations. That'll put you in touch with other writers - published and not - who can give you tons of useful info.


Good luck!

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