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Jill Savage is Coming to My Town

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I don't know about need. I attended Hearts at Home faithfully when my oldest were preschoolers, and she and the other speakers were always wonderfully encouraging, but I did get to a point where I felt I'd heard what I needed to, iykwim.


She has a great sense of humor, very realistic about life~I don't think you'd regret going.


Wow, I wasn't much help, was I? :tongue_smilie:

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I say yes. :) When our family moved to IL 13 years ago, Jill was the leader of the Mom's group at my church. She is honest, real and FUNNY - it is always a pleasure to hear her speak. I have attended Hearts at Home many times, and now my dh is involved with the conferences as well. I think you would really enjoy hearing her!

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