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How About A 'Whose On First' Moment?

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Wolf bought his mom a digital pic frame for Christmas...only to discover that it only works with a flash drive/memory card in it, and once the power is out, you have to reload/reset everything. We have to send it via post, so she'd have to do it herself...which she wouldn't manage, would freak out, likely go to her friends, have them do it...only to discover once she was home that everything was wiped out again...cue the hysterics again...wash, rinse, repeat.


So, I had to take in the flash drive and get a bunch printed, and we're just going to send them in a regular photo album. And I've instructed Wolf that he's simply not to buy electronics without me. It never fails, he buys something and then hands it over to ME to set up! :banghead: Or, my personal fave, "Have you sent my mom pics lately? Send her some today." The pictures are on the desktop. Labeled "pictures" even. Why do I need to do it? And, when I do it, I get flooded with emails from MIL demanding more, different poses, can I change that one, retake this one...on and on and on. Its not doing stuff for Wolf that bothers me, its knowing the quicksand I'm stepping into in terms of MIL and her demands. I send her 10 pics, she's mad there isn't 20. Or that they took too long. Or she can't save them, cause she can't figure out her email, and wants me to talk her through it. Or, or, or :banghead:


The stoopid setup for getting the pics printed was nuts. We ended up leaving without them, and will just send Wolf for them. They wanted an HOUR and 45 minutes! Maybe my kids are just really hyper, but there's no way I can keep them all occupied in a drug store for that long. If the store had been at the mall, it would have been no problem...but a drug store? Not so much.

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