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Did anyone have their dc in Classical Conversations Challenge A or B in the past?

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My two dds were in my Challenge A class next year. (We are no longer doing CC. We left because I had different academic goals than Challenge meets.)


It completely depends on the tutor. The tutor is another homeschool mom, and she may know how to teach or not, know the subject matter or not. Just as with any other teaching sitatuation, you really have to find out about the person before they teach your child for 6 hours a week. :001_smile:

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Your experience can vary widely. We're long-term CC people and have done A and almost all of B, and I've told my kids it is a year-to-year thing. They love being with friends, but we may change campuses at some point over tutors. They know that I make a point of sitting in classes and asking questions all year and don't take the investment lightly. If we can continue to get good tutors, we will stay on, otherwise we'll do our own thing.

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