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Where to start - MUS delta to Singapore?


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My 2nd grader will finish MUS Delta tomorrow. He does not particularly "like" math, but he is good at it and grasps the concepts very quickly. I had assumed we would move in to Epsilon, but recently I began Singapore 1A with my 6 yr old and I am considering switching the 2nd grader to Singapore as well. The problem is, when I look through the assessments, there is SO MUCH we have not yet learned in MUS that is taught at the very early levels of Singapore. (I am not saying that MUS is not doing its job, they just have a different approach.)


Has anyone else made this change? Did you just start really low in Singapore so that the child could learn the new material? I don't want to bore him, but I am not a math natural so I really cannot just explain things without the help of the teacher's material. My thoughts at this point are that he is in 2nd grade and is well ahead of where he technically needs to be, so why not step back and start out with one of the low levels to catch him up to Singapore's material with the assumption that before long we will catch up to the point at which he is again being challenged by new material. Or just keep going with MUS. I just cannot decide! FYI I cannot imagine that Epsilon is going to slow him down much, just glancing through it today, so it is quite likely that he would do Zeta in 3rd and pre-algebra in 4th, which I do not honestly believe he will be completely ready for. I am sure he would do fine with it, but I just find myself wondering if there are not some big gaps in his math education. Obviously we have been moving at his pace, which admittedly is much faster than mine in this subject, but it all seems too easy up to this point.

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