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LOF Algebra I ?'s

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My 8th grade ds is finishing up NEM 1 and doing LOF Algebra I. He's usually very quick, very accurate and very good at his math. NEM is fine if a little dry for him so we have done LOF for "fun". Anyway, he's about 3/4 throught the LOF Algebra I book and is really struggling through a couple of concepts. Not many, just enough to miss one problem out of 10 but they are usually the same type of problems ( radical equations ). I don't know whether to stop LOF for awhile and let NEM catch him up, if he's just not ready for Alg I thinking or LOF Algebra I is a far more difficult math program that I thought and have him continue and go back and re-do the problems he's having trouble with.


Any opinions?

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Well, I have no experience with NEM, but ds completed LoF Alg 1 in 7th grade. I have a degree in math and ds has my math genes. In general, he is very quick with math. He struggled with LoF - it just didn't fit his learning style well. He likes clear and concise. LoF, with the story line, was distracting and verbose. LoF is also challenging.


Are you using the Home Companion? Even with that, there was not enough practice for ds. It might be a good idea to go over how NEM introduces the concept that he's struggling with. Sometimes a different approach is all that's needed.



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I think you're right. I think I'll let LOF be review and have him push ahead in NEM. It's far more methodical and I can help him more than I seem to be able to in LOF. We do have the home companion and it's not with everything just a problem here and there but he misses the same kind of problems which tells me he's missing the concept.


I think I just wanted LOF to work as his main math because he enjoys it so much. Oh well.

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