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Is the IPhone insurance worth it?

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Have you ever had to make a claim and how happy was you with it all? My son is trying to decide if it's worth the $12 extra a month charge. He is very accident prone plus his last Iphone was stolen and he went almost a year before he could get an upgrade for a new one. Thought I would ask on here in case you all might have some experience. Thanks! edited to say: this is with AT&T.

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I don't know anything about iPhone insurance specifically, but I know quite a few people who have dropped their phones into water - sinks, toilets, bathtubs, puddles, etc - or who have had a child damage their phone....and these weren't people whom I would normally call "accident prone" or "unlucky".. so if he considers himself to be and the insurance would cover the typical ways that cell phones go kablooey - might be a good idea. :)

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