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Help needed w/ Algebra problem

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My dd and I have worked and reworked this problem numerous times and can't get the correct answer according to the solutions manual in Saxon Alg 2, 2nd Edition. Please help!!!


It involves simplifying radicals so I will use the symbols ^/ to mean "square root".


3^/2(2^/2 - ^/6) . 4^/3 + 2



In case my symbols are confusing, I will try to type it out.


3 square roots of 2 (2 square roots of 2 - square root of 6) times 4 square roots of 3 + 2.


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Ok, I solved this by first multiplying out the 3 square root 2 times both things in parentheses:


(6(2) - 3squareroot12)* 4squareroot3 +2


Then I multiplied the 4squareroot3 times both things in parentheses and got:


48squareroot3 - 12squareroot36 + 2


This simplifies to:


48squareroot2 -72 + 2




48squareroot3 - 70


Multiplied and rounded I got:




Plugged into a graphing calculator with the same parentheses it got the same answer.


Did I read your problem correctly? That's what I'm not certain about.

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Yes, the correct answer is 48 square root 3 - 70


I see exactly where my error occured as I neglected to distribute 4 square root 3 to BOTH terms in parenthesis. Duh!


Thank you so much for your help.:)


No problem. Glad to be of assistance! We all have times when we just don't "see" things. At least I know I do...

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