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Confusion over Foerster titles. . . help anyone?

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I'm looking for continuing our math sequence after Foerster's Algebra I and Jacob's Geometry.


Are these the same books or not? Algebra and Trigonometry: Functions and Applications vs. Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry?


Any suggestions about where to buy Foersters Algebra II that's not going to break the bank? That is, student text, TE, Solutions manual and Tests.

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Gotta run now. But this might help.


ETA: This was the thread I was thinking about.


Basically, the Trig in the Alg 2/Trig book can be skipped and covered in the Pre-Calc book. Alg 2/Trig-Trig comes before Pre-Calc. Did you know that Pre-Calc = Alg 3 + Trig? I learned that here.


Boy, I don't feel like I am making great sense tonight, but oh well.


For finding the books, I generally check AddALL with the ISBNs. I also check Follett


Now you are going to ask me for the ISBNs. Try here:

Foerster's Algebra 2 & Trig

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What I heard was that it is recommended (by Paul Foerster?) to do chapters

1-12 in the Algebra and Trig. book, and then use the Pre-Calculus from the beginning.


Dd did both the Trig. portion of the Algebra 2 book (Algebra & Trigonometry) AND then I had her start the Pre-Calculus book from the beginning, definitely over-kill, and I won't do that to any of my other children.



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