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How much time for independent reading


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Probably from 30-60 min a day for history and science readings. We usually have another lit book that they are assigned so many chapters a week and doesn't go into that time.


My 5th grader does 45 min a day and my 4th grader does 20.


There are lots of other things that go into my desicion. Do they read on thier own otherwise? Is the reading I am asking hard or easy? How much other reading are they doing for school?


My 4th grader probably reads at grade level, but reading is by no means easy for him yet. If I add more of the harder science and history books, then he is much less likely to pick up a book on his own. My 5th grader has recently started reading all the time and can get through what I want done in 45 min a day (last year, in 4th, it was 60 min).

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