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Do your kids follow you..

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around the house? :001_smile:


My work computer (well only comp right now laptop is waiting for me to reinstall windows) is in our walk-in closet in our bedroom (yes I said closet, it was the most soundproof part of the house and I need quiet for some of my work). When I come back here to work on things or just browse the internet (think WTM :D) they follow me back here, bring their toys andplay. Even if they are playing really good in the living room or bedrooms they will somehow know that I have come back here and sit in here playing until I leave. At which time they follow me to where ever I am going then. :D


It cracks me up how they do this!

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UGHHH! Yes! LLL is sick today with a fever of 102 and should be in bed, or at least on the couch resting, but NOOOOO, she keeps coming into the office. Not that I don't love having her around, but I need to get stuff done so I'm in here, and she needs to be resting.


Even when she's not sick, she is so underfoot that I'm afraid I'm going to turn around one day, trip over her and mush her.

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yup!!! I had a bit of a cyper scream post about this a couple days ago. You are much more gracious than I....I was getting plain annoyed ;).


Oh I get quite annoyed as well, just today it is amusing because I had just thought about it! My dd is now in here as well and asking her brothers why they have to be in here too! :lol:


:lol: Yes! It drives me batty. The surest way to have them come running is to pick up the phone. :lol:


OMG yes, all hell breaks loose in the house when I am on the phone! FDunny, I remember it being that way when I was a kid too, mom alwasy yelling at us to "Shut Up! I am on the PHONE!" :lol:


Nope, it isn't dd that follows me around. After 5 years the dog has pretty much quit if he is otherwise occupied. 'Round here it is dh doing the following. Makes me crazy.


This too! I have caught dh following me around as well, I sometimes stop dead in my tacks to see if he will bump into me... sometimes he does! :D

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Guest Fridays

I remember this. It was incredibly frustrating at the time, I would sometimes tip-toe around if I needed some peace so they wouldn't get a lock on me. Yet once they get bigger and become more withdrawn and then eventually enter the teenage angst it begun to seem like a fond distant memory.

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Yes. And, it doesn't matter if I'm simultaneously doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, folding laundry, taking a phone call AND cooking dinner....with dh sitting on the couch doing nothing....they will come to ME and ask me to fix their toy, tie their shoe, fix a snagged zipper, how to spell BUSY, and how much is $3.52 plus $.25...to which I reply ASK DADDY!!!:willy_nilly: He knows things too...



My sweet little 4yo will put his hand under my chin and say, "Mommy, I need to tell you something." To which I reply, "What?" To which he stammers and stalls and thinks up something to say. Drives me NUTS!!! But I love him, and my days would be so empty without his little "somethings.":001_wub:


btw - I've been known to shout "PRIVACY" from the bathroom.

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