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What does it mean if...

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you go to share your blog post to your facebook page and it says: This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy.???


I've never had any objectionable content on my blog. Ever. What is "abusive"? (I have a lovely pregnancy photo of my dd, which I intend to have available for 24 hours for family... )


Why would a pregnancy photo be abusive?


Any ideas?

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How can I follow up on having my blog flagged? Good grief, this is a family oriented, personal growth, housekeeping blog!! What do I do? We are talking about within A MINUTE that I put the picture in a new post that I couldn't share it... so, how could someone have flagged it? Was my blog ALREADY flagged? How can I get it unflagged??


Thanks... it's all so odd to me...

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