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I recently heard about lead leaching out from the ceramic glaze in slow cookers. Is

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this true. I have a new Crockpot slow cooker sitting on my countertop and I'm trying to decide if I want to return it or not. Are there any lead free ones you can recommend? Never done slow cookers before but thought it will make life easier this season. Any comments, opinions? Thanks.

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I switched from Rival Crockpots to a Hamilton Beach slow cooker over the issue of lead. I've been very happy with my Hamilton Beach 3-in-1. I purchased the white version at Target, but I don't think they carry it anymore. Amazon has the stainless/black one for $50: link.


Here's the lead statement from Hamilton Beach:

Q Does the crock contain lead?

A Hamilton Beach specifications applicable to all slow cookers and their components (including the earthenware crocks) prohibits the product from containing any measurable amounts of lead. Furthermore, the factories that manufacture the earthenware crocks for Hamilton Beach are certified ceramic production facilities whose ceramic ware is deemed to satisfy FDA heavy metal requirements. Hamilton Beach takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the earthenware crocks accompanying our slow cookers provide safe and satisfactory service to our consumers.

At the time I purchased it, Hamilton Beach also stated that their glazes contained no lead. I doubt they've since added it, but I suspect their lawyers may have had them remove that statement.
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