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X-post suggestions for 6th grade science

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I was planning on using BJU next year but my girls are wanting something different. Every year we have pretty much done some sort of Life or Earth science and they are sick of it. What else is there for their ages? I prefer something from a Christian perspective with alot of hands-on. They want to do more and more engaging things such as building models and experiments. Something with well laid out lesson plans for me would be great and that doesn't require me to go to the library all the time. Any suggestions?

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Have you looked at the kits that are recommended in WTM? I don't have the latest edition, so I scoped it out on Amazon, and was able to read the whole section on 6th grade science. I think 6th is Chem. You could do some of the physics stuff recom'd for 8th and just make it a little easier.


I have enjoyed Ellen McHenry's Elements with Fizz, Bubble and Flash as a back-up. Very clear, hands-on, activiy-based. Starting there and then adding a chem set or some fun kits might be enough.

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What about God's Design Science? They have two chemistry books and a series of physics books with lots of hands on activities.


Do you know if their Chemistry book has more hands on than the Heaven and earth books? We are using those now and while they are ok, they don't really have the kind of experiments we are looking for. Any thoughts?

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wow.. this looks really fun.. thanks


We've just started using Inquiry in Action:



My kids really love it so far, and it's very hands-on, easy to do, but very engaging. I was honestly surprised at how much they like it and look forward to doing the experiments.


And it's free to download, which makes it even better :)

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