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LfC Primer A ?


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We started at chapter 15. I think you could start a chapter or two earlier, but since there are 32 chapters in LfCA and 15 stories, it made sense to me to start halfway through so they'd match (with the 2 chapter review at the end). If you start in August and do one unit a week, this puts the birth of Christ in the history reader right about at Christmas.

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My DD enjoys it, mostly, I think, because the characters are familiar from history and we ended up starting the history reader right at about the same point we hit the Romans. I think she also enjoys having "Real reading in Latin". And she likes that there are "new words" that aren't in the Latin book.


So far, there hasn't been anything inappropriate for my young 6 yr old as far as content, and it hasn't gone over her head any more than the same content has in CHOW. I do plan to go through it again later, though, when she's actually the age for which it's intended and hopefully will enjoy the DVDs (which I gave up on this time around) and had a little more grammar under her belt.

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