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Anything like Explode the Code Workbooks but ...

Amber in AUS

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I dont have an answer about the online stuff, but I can tell you that ETC is worth every penny. We use them to suppliment here an they have really given my children a great foundation. In fact it's all we used up until last year and both of my girls learned to read using them.

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There are some free phonics workbooks here. I have a few more links & I will be back in a bit to post them.



Click the gray download now button to this Jolly Phonics workbook then you will have to wait about 20 seconds for the link to open the pdf file.



For the next links, you may have to have an account but you can register for free. This site is homeschool launch and the members upload files they have created to share & there are THOUSANDS of pages available (I even have a few on there somewhere).



Short Vowels



Long Vowels



Both by Aunt B (link to her page with all her files)




Free phonics worksheets


K-6 workbooks


Phonics worksheets



Gotta run but hope these will help for now.

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What sounds? If it's later stuff then I've never seen anything free online go much past CVC, blends and long vowels whereas ETC goes into a lot more depth.


Though I saw somewhere that the program Funnix is available for free download just this month (it usually costs a bunch of money, I think). But I have zero experience with it, so I've heard it's detailed, I just don't know if it's any good.

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