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Pampered Chef Tool Turn-About for pencils, markers, etc...


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I saw someone's blog recently that had a picture of this on their desk. So, I finally got one on eBay (it's not that easy to get a decent price even on a used one...but I did find a new one for a pretty good deal). It arrived today. We filled it and it's on my daughters school desk. We say that it's for her "school tools" (instead of kitchen tools). She loves it. It really is nice. It's filled with markers, pencils, colored pencils, glue, tape, scissors, book marks, wipe-off markers, pens. The middle section, which is the tallest, has her paint brushes, ruler, and she even put her recorder in there. :001_smile: She LOVES it. So....thank you to the person who posted the picture of this on their blog.


Now for the funny/frustrating part. So, my husband comes home and sees it. He says, "Where did you get that!?" (and he says this in a grumpy/annoyed/irritated voice, because he's *always* grumpy/annoyed/irritated). I said, "eBay." "Well, how much did you pay for it?" I tell him. Then he says, "Well....why didn't you tell me you wanted one?? I have two of them out in the garage filled with tools!!" He goes to flea markets and auctions all the time and I never know the stuff he gets. :banghead:


Hmmm....I didn't think to ask him what colors he has. I really had wanted black, but had to settle with white.

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