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S/O aching joints---I tried something listed in that thread and WOW!!!

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After I read that thread I remembered I had bought some curcumin a couple months ago because I heard it was a good all-around antioxidant. I tried it once at that time (on an empty stomach) and it upset my stomach a lot so I put it to the back of the cupboard.


Well, I started working out really heavy (Chalean Extreme-LOVE it) last Saturday and have been at it every day except Sun, and I was in so much pain this afternoon, including my knees (runner's knees) and back (previous herniated disc)-neither of which are Chalean's fault-plus muscle pain-definitely Chalean's fault, that when I remembered in that thread about the curcumin, I decided to try it again, thinking that even if I would get a stomachache again, it would be worth it to reduce the inflammation. (how's that for a run on sentence, sorry)


Wow, it worked better than a Tylenol or ibuprofen!!! I was not expecting much, and was really shocked at how well it worked. I am THRILLED to have found something natural that works so well.


BTW, I did some googling and read that you should take it with some fat, so I took it on a full stomach, with a tsp of flaxseed oil and some full fat raw milk. NO stomach problem this time.


What a great answer to prayer this is!!! I pray it helps someone else too.


The brand I'm using is Doctor's Best and it says "Best Curcumin C3 Complex" on the front-it is 500 mg.

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