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Teach Your Child to Read Well???


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It's very similar to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 EZ Lessons (similar markings), but better...I think. It has workbooks with activities, and a separate reader, that 100 EZ doesn't have. I tried it years and years ago with my son. While I really liked it, he struggled (but he struggled with *everything*, so don't judge the program by that). There is a page, every few lessons I think, that you need to read all the words on the list within a certain amount of time. My son could NEVER do it. The book was strict about not moving on to the next lesson until this could be done. I wondered if we could move on regardless, since he was probably never going to be a very fluent or fast reader. I even talked to Mr. Maloney about it and he really felt we needed on keep going over the previous lessons until he could do it. My son hated that (it made him feel stupid and like a baby), so I regretfully stopped using it. Years later, I thought maybe we could try again and I got him level 2, I think. I still have it somewhere, but we never used it. I'm have success with something else with him. But, anyway....I really do like it a lot.

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