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Justin Bieber = Donny Osmond

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Am I right? I haven't been closely following the Justin frenzy because my younger dd don't like his voice, but I watched a news clip online the other day and it seems like there are more parallels--wholesome look and personality, upbeat attitude, clean love songs, smile smile smile. I haven't seen that much of a parallel before. Donny was the love of my 11th year of life. ~~sigh~~

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I will be the lone dissenter and say, JB=DO. At least the teen-age Donny. I never had "puppy love" for him or any other teen idol. My sister is three years older than me and she fell hard for him (and the Shaun Cassidy, then Rick Springfield). She's still so into hollywood stars that I think she should get a job for TMZ. I haven't had tv is so long that I don't know who she is talking about 80% of the time. She's one of those crazy people that refer to tv/movie stars by their first name or coupling (Jen/Ben) and are amazed when you don't know who she is talking about.:glare:


Of course you can't talk to her about anything else. I doubt she can name the vice president or find Iraq on a map. Good thing she doesn't vote!:tongue_smilie:

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many years ago when I was technical director at one of the casinos in Atlantic City, we had Donny and Marie put on a show there. Donny had his wife and at the time, his very young children there. I got to hang with them in their dressing suite and played hide and seek with his children. I was in heaven meeting Donny. He and his wife were so incredibily nice. One of my favortite memories. He sure put on a good show, he was dancing and singing on the tables in the showroom, the audience was females of all ages.

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