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Teacher resources for algebra on ??

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We are using NEM and I really miss the primary series HIGs. Can anyone recommend some resources for me (not supplements for my dc) to help myself explain and teach at least algebra? I can do math just fine....I'm not always good at explaining, and I feel like reading through the NEM textbook with my dc is just lacking something (maybe it will improve as we get further in the book), like I'm reading a script.

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Khan Academy. It can be found here: http://www.khanacademy.org/


I am using NEM 1 right now with my older son. We use Khan Academy almost everyday. I will use it before we start doing the exercises. I have my son and I go over the topic. Then we watch Khan Academy to help us. I feel that it is a nice help to our math program.


Blessings in your homeschooling journey!




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The explanations in NEM-1 were sparse, IMO. I purchased New Mathematics Counts-1 and found its explanations to be straightforward and clear. So then I went ahead and bought the next two levels in the series. It was kind of awkward, but we still used NEM-1 as our main text (the problems are considerably more challenging than those in NMC), but used the NMC explanations to introduce the topic. Unfortunately, the topics aren't arranged in the same order, so it was a bit inconvenient.


I see that NMC-1 is out of stock....you may want to try Discovering Mathematics series, which I've heard good things about.


As background....Ds13 did PM-1 through PM-5, then about two-thirds of Chalkdust Basic Math 6 with DVDs, then PM-6. Then we used about 50% of the Chalkdust pre-algebra textbook only (bought a used copy), which has good explanations, too.


But if you still want to use NEM-1, you might like the other Singapore texts over a traditional US text like Chalkdust's. Ds recently did some ISEE test prep for his high school application, and we used some problems in NEM-2. This series is still my top choice for the problems! We just had to use other resources for the explanations (e.g., NMC-2, Chalkdust's Algebra textbook). He scored very high on the test, and I believe that the Singapore math approach is the main reason.



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