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Need definitive info on mailing prescriptions

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Hi :),


I am a search novice!;)


I need a definitive answer on whether or not it is illegal to pick up a prescription for a family member in one state and mail it to that person in another state.


This particular prescription is a narcotic. The family member (a cancer patient) in need of their med has just moved to another state and is having a hard time getting their insurance coverage for drugs set up.


I know it is OK for the prescription to be picked from the pharmacy but I'm pretty sure it would be illegal to mail it. I'm looking for a credible answer on this.


Thanks for any help the search pros can give me!:)

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I think the post office might be the only source of credible info on this. Now, I would really want to do it, but it looks like it's illegal unless you're the pharmacy:




12.12.2 Prescription Drugs


Prescription drugs are licensed medicines that require a written order by a medical doctor or pharmacist before they can be obtained. Prescription drugs, including those that contain controlled substances, may be mailed by drug manufacturers or their registered agents, pharmacies, or other authorized dispensers as permitted by 21 CFR 1307.12 or in compliance with any regulation of the Food and Drug Administration or other applicable law.



Can their doctor have it mailed to their new doctor?

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