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Looking for complete, planned out curriculum for 8th grade

Krista in LA

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My ds will be in 8th grade next year and we have pretty much decided to try public high school with him the following year. It's what we did with my older dd and it seems to have been a good decision for her. She did Classical Conversations for 8th grade and while it was a nice step towards going to school, I don't think it was worth the money nor complete enough. So, I'm trying to fine something to do with ds that will help him prepare for going to school and make sure that we haven't left any gaping holes in his education thus far. I'm considering Calvert, but when I used the 6th grade with dd, I wasn't thrilled with some of it. I would love to find something where maybe some/all of the classes could be on-line without costing an arm and a leg. I also need something that will really help with writing because that is his weak point. He is a smart kid and needs to be pushed a little more than he has been. Definitely need something rigorous as the public school does a block system and they go through material very quickly so I want him to be prepared as much as possible.


Any suggestions?



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Do you have any public virtual schools in your state?


I hadn't even thought about that so I did a quick search and found that Connections Academy will be available in LA starting this next year. The only other one I could find was just for high school. I know nothing about Connections - anyone have any experience with them?

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