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RightStart & story problems


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We've been using RightStart for the last 5 years (9 yr old dd in 4th grade), and I'm really happy with it. BUT, it lacks in the real-life applications and I'm a huge "you have to know how to apply it" kind of person.


We've supplemented a bit with Singapore Challenging Word Problems, but I just wanted to get a feel for exactly *how* everyone supplements. The Singapore is great, but it's a little different way of teaching, and some of the problems don't really mesh with what we're doing. And lessons take us a bit of time as it is, and adding supplementation in seems like overkill and just too much some days.


I'm wondering for those of you who do supplement, do you do it every day? What program(s) do you use?


I just feel like I need some guidance and direction at this point. Thanks!

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I'm several years behind you. Sparkle started in RightStart A and just started RightStart C. I supplement with the Singapore Challenging Word problem level 1 book. She does one page every day. The actual arithmetic is easy for her, but sometimes she has to work hard to understand how to set up the problem. Often I have to help her on the challenging problems. On a good day, it adds only about 5-10 minutes to our day.

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