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What questions should I present to Psychologist?

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My child recently had testing done by a Psychologist (Marcus Autism Center) and I'm not sure what type of questions I should be asking. We received testing for 2 days, and on the next upcoming visit she stated that she would go over everything with us, questions etc.

He was born premature 1 lb. and is now 12 years of age. Before being hs'ed he was on an IEP. He's reading on level, however he is struggling with math, spelling, language arts, sentence composing and some other things as well. I've notice that he ask tons of questions on one particular topic. Right now the topics are MLK, 911, and the Twin Towers. This usually changes after a couple of months, then it's something else that he focuses in on. It can be really annoying at times.

Please assist me on questions that I need to be asking upon our return. i really need help with this one. Thanks.

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1st - Take a deep breath and relax.


It can be so overwhelming. We went from local psyc. testing to neurology then Mayo Clinic and now referred to the University of Minnesota.


I was scared at first but I know that it won't change things but just help with how we approach things with our son. Get a notebook and write down anything you can think of. Diagnosis, treatments, behaviors, therapy, support groups, educational materials, etc.


I wish you the best.

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