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old holey jeans

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I've been cutting them off and hemming them to make good looking shorts. I thought that if enough people just throw them out, maybe I could start collecting them, cutting/hemming, and reselling for cheap at local fairs or a garage sale type outlet. Just surfing for ideas trying to increase income.

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Wear them in the garden or to paint or any other get-dirty sort of work. Seems I've always got a reason to wear my not so great jeans...:glare: But, at least I get to do it in comfort!


ETA - I don't know if they are yours or your kids'. With my kids, I toss them, because they care so little that they'll wear them out in public for even the most formal things (and I won't notice 'til we get there...).

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We were visiting last weekend, and my neices had some show on, one of the kid channels, something like Sorry Charlie or something like that.


But they were in their basement or family room and I realized the carpet was made out of a bunch of pairs of jeans. They were all fastened together somehow into an area rug. It looked really neat with all the different shades of denium. I would have LOVED that in my room in high school!

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Knee holes are easy. My question is how you salvage jeans with holes in the backside or other improper places.


You make shorts out of one pair with a hole in the knee. Save the cut-off legs to make patches for other jeans. Holes on the backside are easy to patch. Holes near the zipper are rarely worth the time. If you have a pair like that sacrifice them to make patches.

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Just a question - what do you all do with jeans that still fit, but have worn out in the knees?


I cut them off, sew on lace/cute edging for the girls or just a straight seam for the boys, and, "Voila!" Shorts for the summer season. :)


I save the cut off leg parts and make quilt squares for my denim quilt someday.


My mom made one of these quilts from grandpa's old overhauls and I love it.


After the quilt I'll cut that part into strips and knit a rug.

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