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gift idea for 9 year old boy

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I need some good NON-TOY or game idea for a 9 year old boy....he doesn't like to read...so books are really not a good idea...he likes sports...he is very active....maybe something that his siblings could enjoy too...educational is great...price range...$10-25 if possible. It is cold and snowy out here in Nebraska...so most outside things are a bust too...makes it hard...but we have to do this every year as my son's birthday is in Feb.



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My son just got a cool glow-in-the dark greenish basketball. I think it was from Dick's. I know he can't play with it outside, but if he is on a team he can take it to practice.


Cool sled? One of those that looks like a surfboard is great!


Snow shoes?


My kids have a Klutz paper airplane book they LOVE! One version comes with a set of cool, colored paper in the back.


Stomp Rocket - one of those where you jump on this air-filled plastic thing and launch a rocket WAY up. That is a huge hit with the kids around here.


Beta Fish


A great old Disney movie, like Swiss Family Robinson.

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Does he like baseball? My nephews really like those titanium necklaces. Phiten is the only brand I can recall at the moment. All the cool kids wear them around here. :) Shake power flashlights and those gel ant farms are kind of neat too. I ordered a bike siren from ebay. (Came from Singapore and took 3 weeks to get here.) It looks like a police siren and has 4 different sounds. With shipping I think it was around $9. It was a BIG hit! BUT, IT WAS SUPER, SUPER LOUD!!

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I know you said books are not good but IMHO I would consider at least some of the many fun, fun books for boys for one of his gifts such as:









You never know, some of these sort of books may inspire a love of reading:001_smile: Some of them are designed for those who don't love reading as well. Plus there are dozens and dozens of others that might peak his interest:)

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I plan on getting my son (soon to turn 10) a huge bag of sticks (popsicle, dowel), tape (all kinds), PVC pipe, clothespins, rubber bands, clay, and paint. I swear that's all he plays with (modding Nerf guns, making crossbows, claymation, etc). He'll be thrilled. (He's also finally getting his ear pierced, but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for :tongue_smilie:)

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Knee hockey set. We got 2 goals and a few sticks used from Play It Again Sports. It's a big hit with both of my sons and the neighborhood boys. It's a great way to use up energy when weather doesn't permit playing outside. Tabletop ping-pong has also been keeping my boys busy lately.

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