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My review of the Ticonderoga Renew pencils made from recycled tires . . .

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:thumbdown::thumbdown: and in case someone feels compelled to say that two negatives make a positive . . .:thumbdown:


The pencil is VERY hard and the lead is VERY soft. The soft is my own fault since it's on the pkg and i just didn't notice. But the pencil! We have an electric sharpener that has both plug and battery. When we school out, we use the batteries. Today, I thought our batteries would wear out b/f we got a single pencil sharpened.


I did not like them and neither did my girl.

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I still haven't found a pencil we like.


These are lovely. They are "intermediate" but not too big at all. They sharpen beautifully, go on smooth, but aren't smudgy like Black Warriors can be. I find the jumbo to be really jumbo, and their "regular" tri to be very, very thin. For "normal pencils" we use B or HB Mars Lumograph.



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