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Virtual Academies question - need resources

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I heard tell that Virtual Academies (K12) was hotly debated on the forums awhile back. I keep searching but cannot find any knock-down, drag-out fights on VAs. Can someone point me in the direction? Why do I want to know? Our state just opened its doors to VAs this year, and the homeschool community really doesn't know how to handle it. IOW, we haven't been thru the fires of debate yet. Our homeschool groups don't know how to take it. Do we encourage people looking for VA info (it's happened already)? Do we allow VA students (technically public school students) to participate in our co-ops and field trips? If one of our homeschool families goes this route, are they still welcome to participate in homeschool activities? So I need all of the hot debate and will be compiling pros/cons and passing it along to our local leaders looking for this info. PLEASE DO NOT DEBATE THIS HERE, LOL. I'm only looking for links. Resources outside of WTM is welcome, too. TIA! VAs are targeting homeschoolers heavily with advertising here.

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