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sonlight core 200

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We are planning on using it with my will be 15 yr. old, 10th grader. She's used SL for many, many years. I've heard nothing but great things about it, but she's not too thrilled about an entire yr. of church history. Too bad for her. :)

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My daughter just finished it and enjoyed most of it and learned so much. I really think it is a great background for church and political history. So much of history revolves around religion. Also it is great for them to understand other denominations and why we believe what we do. I will say, like a lot of Sonlight highschool cores, a lot of the learning comes in the discussion questions. She met once a week with my husband, a pastor, to go over them (okay they got quite behind!). You would not need my husband's background for discussion but that was definitely an added bonus.

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