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Does PR *really* teach


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I'm half way through PR1-and I think it's great. It is amazing what ds knows already. My cousin is a 2nd grade teacher and said that ds knows letter pairs and sounds, that she is only teaching her kids now! It does cover everything you asked, as far as LA though. Reading is learned via spelling. Then you progress to sentence structure, and reading-in PR1. I think the PR description on the web page is pretty accurate on what the kids learn/what is covered.

I don't know about dyslexia though. Perhaps Tina would have some insight on that.

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There has been some discussion on PR and dyslexia before, if you're good with the search function (somehow I rarely seem to find what I'm looking for, even though everyone else can, lol). I've heard a few people say it's not good for dyslexics. I believe the reason is that the phonograms are taught, then not used for a few weeks. Some aren't used until a long time after they're learned. Also, the spelling lists aren't by any particular spelling pattern, spelling rule, or anything else. They're just lists of words using phonograms your child has already learned at some point. For these reasons I've heard it's not good for dyslexics, and there may be other reasons, but I don't know a lot about what does and does not work for dyslexia, so that's all I can remember. Hopefully that helps some until someone who knows more can chime in. :)

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everything LA?


teach a child to read?

teach a child to spell?

teach literature analysis?

teach writing?

teach vocabulary?

teach handwriting?


And...would it work for a dyslexic?

Yes, it does all of those things and it does them well :)


So far as dyslexics, many here w/ dyslexic dc have said they think their dyslexic dc would benefit greater from programs that focus on one rule at a time. They've speculated the structure of PR, which teaches sounds, then applies them to spelling lists and dictation would be too spiralish and not mastery enough.


I'd ask Mrs. Beers, the author and see what she says. I'll have to put in another email to her and try to get a response.

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Just wanted to say I that you don't stop using the phonograms. You review them daily until mastered, and can always go back to review them again, if needed. At various points in the program, you are supposed to go back and review them anyhow, and all the words learned.

The spelling words are used, using the phonograms, and rule tunes, that help solidify the spelling rules. They are repeated many, many times. Not the words, but the rules/tunes/phonograms.

The program doesn't use repeated words, like in say, Bob books, so there's no real chance for memorizing a word by constantly seeing it. The memorization is via the constant use of the tunes and phonograms.

I second emailing Ms. Beers direct. I had a question for her and she got back to me promptly and was very kind.

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