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Diswasher, DishDrawer, help??

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Our Kitchenaid single unit has had problems since spring (it is 5 years old). They have been unable to fix the problem and have now determined that KA has a bad batch of circuit boards. So they keep installing bad circuit boards and apparently they don't know which batch is bad. Every month or two we get a new board and it works for 3-4 days, then it begins to go haywire.


The service manager just called and said that the company will sell us another dishwasher at just above cost if we would prefer that to this constant installation of bad boards. YES! That would be great.


I have always wanted the flexibility of the drawer type dishwashers. But I've been on a couple of sites where people have said they are nightmares. Do only the disgruntled post there? Do any of you have this type and love it? I'm a bit put off of Kitchenaid although that is what all the service technicians say they would buy...maybe we just got a lemon.


Sometimes I run 2 loads per day because we run out of glasses/cups. This is why I thought the flexibility of the 2 drawers would be nice. We use our dishwasher a lot (4 teenage boys who like 3 hot meals a day).


Please tell me if you love your dishwasher what type it is. And if you have the drawer type, do you love/hate it?

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I have the Fisher-Paykels and haven't been very happy with them. Everything comes out wet no matter what setting we use. Every single time. It's so frustrating. Many times, we have to run them again because something has blocked the spinning thing. (sorry, I'm tired...can't think of the word.) Sometimes when I want to use a different cycle, the machine just won't change. I have no idea why. I have to shut the drawer, open the drawer, push the buttons, repeat over and over until it changes. Ugh.


KitchenAid has their own version now. I don't know anything about them, but of the dishwashers we've owned: Asko, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid, I've liked the KitchenAid the best.


When mine bite the dust, though, I'll probably put in a Miele, just because I love my washers/dryers so much.



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My BIL/SIL have the Fisher-Paykel dish drawers. They do a minimal amount of dishes (no children, frequent travel & work). They think the dish drawers work okay. I've used them and find them to be overly complicated, noisy, and not spectacular at washing or drying.


We have had two LG dishwashers (one in our old house; one in our new house) and really like them. They are very quiet and generally do a great job washing. Rather than a heating element, I believe they use steam and air for the drying cycle; sometimes items on the top rack won't dry completely, especially if they have a recessed area (like the bottom of a plastic cup or bowl).


I would suggest looking for a standard d/w that has a top-rack only cycle so you can do a load of cups if needed.

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