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Remind me: it was right to put limits back on them, right?

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I used to have a token system in place for my kids to use computer games/gameboys/tv shows, etc. They had to spend a token for 1/2 hour of play and they got 2 tokens per day. (There were a couple of sub-rules such as educational videos were exempt, computer for schoolwork exempt, etc.) Well, it fell by the wayside. I haven't limited them in a consistent fashion for years, although it's not rare for me to say, "Enough tv for today," or "enough facebook for today."


I reinstated the system, although I'm giving them 2 hours worth of tokens. The boys are taking it in stride, but dd13 has a major chip. Her great happy spot is to spend far too much time chatting with friends on FB. She doesn't care much about tv or ds games, but she does want that FB time. She doesn't have a cell phone, so the FB chat is sort of like a stand-in for texting that other kids may do.


I know it is fine for me to reinstate this limit, but it does bother me that she's acting resentful of it. It was just getting really bad with everybody heading off to their own little corner to be on the computer, on the ds or watching TV (including myself). Reassure me that I am doing the right thing; I feel a little draconian! :tongue_smilie:

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