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Cyper scream about personal space!!!

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Okay, I'm better!!!


We have an open floor plan, but no matter where I go the older 3 follow. I can be in the living room...they bring their subjects to the coffee table.


If I move to the dining room for coffee...their next subject will be done there.


I head into the kitchen to begin cleaning ....... poof! they magically appear.


Today I told them to get out and let me clean....the dining room is 5ft away.


Ugggghhh.....their like puppies! They follow me everywhere!!!


Vent done. :D

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My mom wonders how I ever get anything done with them always under foot. I think things have gotten a lot better. My youngest is now 5. I can escape to the bathroom and close the door, and am not able to have the door STAY closed (except for the cat :glare:). :D


Yesterday I escaped to my bed in the afternoon for a bit of quiet reading. (Honestly, though I agreed to let them watch a movie.) :D


Every afternoon my house is quiet for a minimum of 30 minutes and I have a cup of tea by myself. :D


I take it where I can get it, and am very grateful they flock towards me rather than run away screaming. :lol:

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My younger two follow me. I LOVE that we finally have more than one bathroom because I can now go to my bathroom and lock the door. I usually go and read for ten minutes or so.


I also get ever Monday evening off from about 6:30 to about 10:30pm. I leave the house to go to a support group so they can't follow me there. The same group has two four-day retreats a year that I attend (though I take kids under the age of 2 with me). It keeps me sane.

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