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Okay, I have some specific questions for you all.

My cousin got a Nook for Christmas.


Where do you get free or cheap ebooks for it?


When you get library books do you have to read them in the 2 weeks (or whatever), or do you just have that long to transfer them to your Nook (I only know how it works with audiobooks)?


Hopefully you can help, Thanks.

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I get cheap books for my Nook from Barnes & Noble ($0.99) and from gutenberg.org (free). The ePub format works great.


I get 2 weeks to read my library books after I download them. This has not turned out to be a problem and the one book I hadn't finished, I just went back online and checked it out again. I do ration myself to just downloading 2 books at a time so I get them read. But this weekend, it was really cold outside and I curled up on the couch with a virtual stack of mystery books while DH watched football. Very cozy - I LOVE my Nook!

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You have the same time to read a book from the library as you would any other book you check out. Mine is 3 weeks. At that point the book just goes away. Yes, if it is available, you can just check it out again.

I have not found a lot of free books on BN that I want to read, but more for DH and since technically it is his Nook, it works out.


I am all ears if there are more sites out there to visit for free books.

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