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What grade have you done Fallacy Detective?

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6th, as a supplement to Art of Argument. My friend (she was teaching the "big" kids logic while I taught the "little ones" Latin) felt like the explanations were better in AofA and the examples more complete in FD, so they worked pretty well together. She followed the structure of AofA and jumped around a little in FD so they would match up.

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We are using it now for Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thing 2 is fairly immature for his age and I think I lost him a little before halfway through. Thing 2 has done fine with it. I don't regret having Thing 2 go through it right now, though, because I suspect he needs to go through some things twice in order to really understand them.

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We have been doing FD for 6th grade pre-logic studies and my dd really handles it well. There are just a few examples that are too advanced for her at this point, but the majority of the book is very enjoyable, understandable and helpful to her as a mature pre-teen. We are planning to move on to Thinking Toolbox or Art of Argument for 7th grade - haven't decided which yet.




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