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ABeka video streaming? (Is BJU better?)


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I'm looking specifically at 7th grade science and possibly English.


Honestly, I looked at the samples on their website and wasn't overly impressed. My ds loves ABeka science and since we are hitting middle school full-force I thought he might enjoy the video option.


I am disappointed with the sample of the lit. If I decide to use a video option for lit I'd really like it to be an in-depth study. I can teach what the teacher did on the video sample I saw. I want more lit analysis than what I saw.




I was impressed by the samples I saw, I found that their lit seemed to be more in-depth. I loved the science sample I saw as well.


I guess I would love for someone to tell me that ABeka is awesome, because my ds loves their science. For middle school is the video option necessary for A Beka science?


Opinions are greatly appreciated!

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