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X-Post: Anyone have a child w/ ODD?

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Can you share what it looks like at your house? We know dd has ad/hd, but I really think she may be ODD as well. Everyone pretty much has to walk on eggshells around here, and even then, we never know what is going to set this child off. She can be sweet/kind/snugggly one minute, and out of nowhere, go ballistic-screaming and yelling the next. I don't think this is just ad/hd related anger. She is only this way at home. Never to anyone else, and not in public.


Does this sound like a child w/ ODD or something else? Any experience you can share would be helpful.



And thank you to those of you who have commented already on the General board!

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My son had a milder version of this - and the best thing we ever did was take him to a child psychologist for 3 years. Well - it was family therapy as well, which was great. It helped us help him.

HUGE difference. Wew went for 3 years, but within the first 6 months there was improvement.


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This is exactly like my 7yr old daughter with Asperger's and ADHD. I sometimes think she is ODD too, but she is not that way at school (she just recently started public school for the first time) or around other adults. She isn't afraid to throw a tantrum and attack people and yell in public, but she only does it to us. Her behavior has always been outrageous.


Could be bi-polar or Asperger's.. But be careful because Asperger's is sometimes misdiagnosed as bi-polar... And they sometimes go hand in hand... Frequently diagnosed together, along with ADHD.

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My son has been diagnosed with ODD, ADHD and a general NOS which basically says from my understanding we do not know what it is but he is depressed. The two best things we did was have a complete psychological evaluation and get those things treated. For him that meant medication although I was very against it turned out he really needed it. And the other thing was to find a really great counselor. The thing I did not know is you can interview them. My son was adopted and some of his issues are attachment disorder related. I needed someone that understood that. Also I wanted someone who was a Christian and worked using the Bible as his guide. Found someone who is really great at all that and is really on our team to help our son. I believe prayer answered that and part of that answer actually came through working through the insurance social worker, a service also I did not know was available.


Truly we have been to the depths of the darkest and back with him. There are still struggles but we have our son back for who he really is. Body chemistry can play a big part. Some things need to be treated. Another thing that really helps him is a great deal of structure. I had someone tell me this and I never understood it but my son needs a job. He needs to have something to do that he values all the time. School is a huge one there. He actually does very well in school but falls apart if we take too long of a break. Other things he has really enjoyed are puzzles, and recently drawing. He likes getting books from the library that lead him to do something. Drawing is a good example. Having those things and a regular schedule where he can depend on me to do my job in teaching really helped us.


Hope something there helps!:) It's a hard road.:grouphug:

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