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Nearly Self- Teaching Spelling?

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You have to try sequential spelling! My dd13 and ds11 both started seq spell 1 after trying the sample from online. She was a horrible speller and he wasn't doing a lot better. It teaches by word patterns solely. I can not believe the improvement and they aren't even finished book 1! She has caught on to what she calls the 'tricks' of spelling. When we were discussing using a boxed curriculum to make life a little easier for me this next year both of them begged to at least keep their spelling program. My ds8, has also been trying to do the spelling program when he gets a chance even though he hasn't finished his phonics program yet. He is so excited because he is catching on to words way above his reading books.

It is so simple I didn't think it would work, but when I found a used book for $4.. This next year I am buying it on DVD so they can do spelling on their own, and I can spend that time working with the younger ones in other subjects.

By the way, since we are starting from the beginning so late we are doing 1 lesson in the morning and one at the end of the day to move us along quicker. They don't mind at all, and often try to sneak in an extra one to get caught up faster than I planned.

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