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My kids are really different. One likes about any type of cheese but his favorites are provolone, cheddars, and colby. The other kiddo really prefers cheddar. They've not done velevetta though I'm sure they would love it!


If I were going to try a different first I think I might actually try provolone--it's pretty mild and pleasant I think.

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Grated sharp cheddar--whatever they have at Costco. Usually Tillamook.


Something you can do with toasted cheese sandwiches is put a little bit of onion or garlic salt on the cheese before you cook it, and maybe 1/4 tsp of a finely ground dried herb.


Onion salt is great with dill or sweet basil.

Garlic salt is great with marjoram, sweet basil, or thyme.


Adding those makes the sandwiches distractingly good, and the quality of the cheese doesn't matter quite as much then.

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We do open-face in the toaster oven. Slightly toast some rye or pumpernickel, then melt a slice of cheddar on top. Even better if you add some very thinly-sliced onions or ham. Dd8 and ds1.5 both love them better than the "grilled" kind.


Take care,


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Cheddar, colby, or muenster. If you try cheddar, note that the flavor can vary considerably; mild inexpensive cheddar (the orange stuff, I get the store brand) is probably the closest to what they'd be used to. Extra sharp is a whole 'nother animal, as is the more pricey cheddar.

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We don't have grilled cheese very often, but when we do, the girls like theirs with gouda cheese. I've also made them with a mixture of swiss and provolone cheeses. And sometimes I put a little garlic in the pan with the butter...

Suddenly, I'm craving a grilled cheese sandwich!

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