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Please help me understand some ex. of great writing assignmt. for these books...

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So sorry, I meant to put this on the high school board!



We're reading a handful of books for our study of Ancient Greece next year. This isn't all that we'll read, but these are the choices for 9th grade.




Histories by Herodotus




I was looking at some tutorials online and began to wonder if their examples of writing assignments for these books would compare with the assignments created by the brilliant (:001_smile:) ladies (and men) here.


Here is one I found with writing assignments included:




What do you think of these? Are these similiar to what you would expect? Are these the type of assignments that will begin to prepare dd for the type of work expected of her, or are these too much for 9th grade? I'm not necessarily planning on using them, or even if I did all of them. I'm really trying to get a better idea of what is quality goals and what we need to do to reach them. Does that make sense?


P.S. I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions...I have much to learn, but I'm trying. I don't have anyone IRL right now that would even be interested in having this discussion with me so... Thanks again to all of you!:grouphug:

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