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New Elementary Mathematics- transition from MM?


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ETA: I meant Discovering Mathematics, not NEM. DM is what's replacing NEM.


Would it be too difficult to transition from Math Mammoth to Singapore's New Elementary Mathematics? My kids are still young, and I really like MM, but have intentions of going to NEM after we finish MM. Not sure if perhaps we should do SM all the way through or if MM is close enough we will be just fine.

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Maybe try the middle school board.


If there is a placement test or pre-test before starting DM, check that and compare it to the MM TOC for 6A/B. http://www.mathmammoth.com/complete/grade_6.php My understanding is that ultimately MM ends up in the same place as SM at the end of 6B.


Keep in mind that since MM 6B just came out recently, there may be few to no people who have used it that far and then moved on. Also, Maria now has a page of recommendations for pre-algebra and algebra on her site; I only noticed it recently. However, she doesn't discuss the DM/NEM materials.




See also her discussion of SM http://www.mathmammoth.com/comparisons.php

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