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How to preserve fruit besides preserves/jams/jellies?

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Hello, All!


I'm planning for canning/freezing/et c. for the year and collecting recipes and supplies a bit each month so that as produce comes in, I'm ready and only have the expense of the produce to contend with when it does come.


But I have a question about fruits. I LOVE berries just frozen and thawed to eat. I might make a batch of jam to have on hand but I'm not really a jam or jelly person. But b/c I just love to eat the berries, freezing is good. I also like frozen peaches.


But what about other fruits? Pears, apples, grapes, plums, are all fruits I have access to locally but I don't like any of those jellies and definately don't like them frozen.


What are some non jelly/jam/preserves options for those fruits? I have very limited freezer space and really LOVE frozen berries and asparagus so tend to dedicate all my freezer space to those. I need non frozen storage ideas.




Here is one idea for Grape/Walnut Conserve which is a good idea but too much sugar. http://www.considerthepantry.com/crown-jewels-coronation-grape-and-walnut-conserve/

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You can pears in a light syrup or juice. Peel, core, and quarter them, simmer in syrup (or whatever) until fork tender, then put in jars and process in a water bath. Pickyourown.com has detailed instructions.


I think you can do apples the same way, and peaches. You can dehydrate grapes (homemade raisins, yum!) and plums too I think.

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I preserve pears, peaches and plums in a very, very light syrup; apples I usually turn into applesauce and preserve; I also can peach and apple pie filling. Oh, and butters. We love apple, peach, pear butter on our pancakes and such.


I also dry all of the above fruits with great results and use them for snacks as well as throwing them into muffins, quick breads and oatmeal.


eta: you can pick up a copy of the Ball Blue Book for tons of recipes and ideas.

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