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After FIAR?


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I'm starting to think about next fall already. My oldest will be starting 3rd grade. Currently we are using Five in a Row but will likely move to something else. If you used FIAR through 2nd what did you do for 3rd grade? We will have completed all the volumes if that makes any difference.


Thanks! :001_smile:

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You did volume 4 already? This is my favorite.


You can row some books again if you have any favorites or you can move onto Beyond FIAR... although I think these are meant for older kids (??).


There are a lot of unit studies at homeschoolshare.com

This page is especially for 7-12 year olds -- it uses chapter books and the units can be spread over longer periods of time.


Amanda Bennett also makes unit studies, but they are not literature based as much as subject based. I'm starting my daughter on the Digital Photography unit next week.


You can also make your own unit studies. There are a lot of resources out there that teach you how to make your own unit studies. :001_smile: This blogger writes a lot about her journey with planning her own unit studies. She also has a series going on at Heart of the Matter online where she is going to walk you through creating your own unit studies.


HTH some. :001_smile:

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I agree, if you haven't done Vol 4 yet, certainly do that one before moving on. If you've already done that one, you won't want to miss it. If you've already done that one, there are lots of options. We have done history based units this year, using SOTW. That has been our spine, my son loves history, so it has been a success. You could also go with something like Sonlight or another literature based curriculum.

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